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fashion exhibition

London is known for its ultra-modern and highly fashionable people. Amaze-London is going to be hosted in this city, which is a fashion hub in every sense.   Leading fashion designers, companies, retailers, and buyers around the world come to this city for various fashion events. Hence, London is one of the best cities where you

pets accesorries

Pet accessories expo is a reason for the pet lovers to come and purchase some accessories for their pets. Pet lovers like to adorn their pets with different accessories to make them attractive. If you’re going to take part in Amaze-London 2018, you have to be aware of certain things. You can achieve your expo

Marine Innovations

Amaze-London will showcase the next-generation innovative marine technologies, solutions, and components. The crowd that takes part are ship owners, boat builders, shipbuilding companies, maritime companies, naval architects, off-shore engineering, and related supporting industries. The exhibition allows the commercial marine industries to promote products, innovations, designs, manufactures, services, and trade. Expos stimulate healthy competition, technology exchange,


In recent times, the demand for kids play accessories are on a rise. Nowadays, the majority of children have different gadgets to play such as play station, Nintendo, PCs, laptops, etc. Outdoor gaming accessories such as swing sets, playhouses, etc., are also popular among the customers.  To make the playing experience more appealing and interesting,

Showcase Innovative Lifestyle Products

People are looking for innovative and authentic lifestyle products when they visit a lifestyle expo. Lifestyle exhibitions give prime importance to exhibit luxury lifestyle items such as beauty, healthcare, luxury travel, food, fashion, food, and antique products. Lifestyle expos are conducted to encourage lifestyle product manufacturing companies to exhibit their products for the attendees. Exhibitions

Don’t let go this opportunity

Promote Your Aviation Innovations at Amaze London 2018 Amaze London 2018 is a show that emphasizes the exhibition of products with innovative design, engineering marvels, technology, and architecture in the aerospace industry. Aerospace exhibitions are meant to exhibit innovative products rather than exhibiting just simple tools associated with the aviation industry. Exhibiting innovative designs of

Market your Exclusive Products

Market your Exclusive Products

Wednesday, 13 June 2018 by

Luxury Exhibition- Use the Opportunity to Market Your Luxury Brand To satisfy the customers who like to live a luxury lifestyle, you can showcase your luxury brand at a luxury exhibition. Luxury brands can feature their products ranges from exquisite jewelry, fashion clothing to household accessories. Since people are looking for exclusive things for them,

hy you should attend exhibitions?

Business Expo- Stand out from the crowd with unique stalls Participating in a business expo gives a good exposure for the exhibitors as it helps to showcase their products to potential buyers. Every business is keen to launch their marketing plans with an intention to attract potential customers. External events will help the brands to

lifestyle expo

When we talk about the lifestyle of rich and famous, luxury is the first word that comes to our mind. From celebrities in sports to media, from politicians to businessmen, everyone works completely on the motto “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”. By many estimates, the world’s super-rich makes up 0.000029 of the population, yet spend over US$230

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